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A joint release between Suspect Press—a Denver publisher and magazine co-founded by Polk—and the author’s own YR Collective, Placement of Character tells the story of siblings Mason and Eileen Jarman, who lead seemingly directionless lives. The rebellion of their 20s gave way to the doldrums of their 30s, and they lack careers, children, and other symbols of status that legitimize their existence in polite society. After circumstances reunite them, Mason discovers the bizarre vocation of character placement—an industry that specializes in providing real life depictions of characters for fictional novels. Through his new line of work, he meets Sophia Cruz, a woman who challenges his notions of professionalism and romanticism. Meanwhile, Eileen encounters an author who helps rekindle the motivation to write a book of her own. Along the way, the Jarmans cope with death, the alienation of their religious grandmother, overzealous union representatives, the headless spirit of a Colorado miner who died in 1902, and a talking dog named Herman.

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Brian Polk is the author of the novel, Placement of Character. His first book, Turning Failure into Ideology, was self-published in 2007. He has contributed to The Onion A.V. Club, Westword, and birdy, and began publishing his zine The Yellow Rake in 2004, which has released 30 issues over its existence. In 2014, he co-founded Suspect Press, a quarterly literary publication that celebrated ten issues under his leadership. Since 2009, he has played drums in the band Joy Subtraction, which just released its second album Hate Will Keep Us Together on Denver’s Sailor Records. And recently, he started another band, Simulators. Follow him on twitter: @brianpolk1234.



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