Muscle Beach: An Interview

“It’s the best possible new take on post hardcore with a splash of handsome men,” says Muscle Beach when prompted to describe the band’s new album in exactly fifteen words. It’s a bold, yet authentic declaration from the dashing young lads that comprise the rollicking Denver-based trio. The group’s self titled full length LP comes off the heels of the furious Pipe Dreams EP, expanding on a solid foundation of spastic time signatures, heavy riffage, and searing vocal delivery. During a recent snow storm, the members of Muscle Beach holed themselves in their band lair where they huddled around a glowing computer screen to answer some of our questions about the new record, who’d they eat on tour if they were forced to resort to cannibalism, and their advice to the youth of today (not the band, but actual young people).

Muscle Beach is Derek Arrieta (bass/vocals), Roy Jones (drums), and Justin Sanderson (vocals/guitar).

Most aficionados of your sweet, sweet tunes would say you have a very unique style of music. For those of our readers who may be unfamiliar with your work, what genre would you say best describes your sound: two-step-core, nü-spazz, post-proto thrash, stabgrind, or throat slashing death wave? (Please do not provide your own answer.) Derek Arrieta: Post-proto-thrash-splashed-stab-grind with a tinge of nu-spazz-laden-death-wave.

You once referred to your music as viking rock. What do you think of pirate rock? Is it too commercial? Justin Sanderson: I think when we first started the band Viking rock came to mind because of the first song we wrote together called “Throne Dome.” It just had this punk rock/Viking slay kinda vibe to it.  I’m not sure if we could describe ourselves like that any more. Now, Pirate Rock on the other hand is a whole different thing. We’d probably need accordions and fiddles and shit. Tell tales of gold with lots of chanting! Perhaps on our 4th EP. Ha!

DA: Come to think of it, all of our songs should be about gold.

If Muscle Beach was trapped in a blizzard on tour and you had to resort to cannibalism to survive, which member would you eat first? Roy Jones: Honestly I would start out with snacking on one of Justin’s legs. I would have high hopes to get out of the blizzard alive with my brethren and continue to play music so we would need their arms and fingers intact. I say Justin’s legs first because he’s aged a little more than Derek. Compared to Derek’s younger, tender, more delectable legs I think that Justin’s would last longerlike a nice piece of chewy jerky that’s been sitting on that 7-11 shelf for a bit. That should hold me over until we dug our way out. If shit got real, I say Derek, Justin, then myself. …But not necessarily in that order.  

DA: Yeah, I’d probably be pretty veal-y.

A few issues back, we gave your EP Pipe Dreams a very favorable review. Is your new self-titled LP a continuation of that greatness or are you going through some kind of new wave phase?

JS: it’s definitely a continuation of Pipe Dreams. You can for sure still hear that drive-y, catchy-fast, punk rock vibe, but maybe a little more thought-out and matured. Seasoned ever so delicately, if I may. These are songs that we’ve been writing since Pipe Dreams was released, and we couldn’t be more stoked how everything came out.

What is the best song on the new album to get stuck in our readers’ heads for hours on end?

DA: All of them are absolute hits. Kool 105, here we come.

Tell us things about the new album that make your chests swell with pride. Roy- If there was a way to account for every single beer we’ve consumed since our very first practice, to this very day, I imagine there would be some swelling.

DA: Followed by the inevitable kidney and liver damage.

This release is on vinyl and digital formats only. Can you provide distraught enthusiasts of CD, cassette, and 8-tracks with a satisfactory explanation for why you chose to eschew their preferred method of enjoying music?

ALL: Well, we were so pumped on putting this record on vinyl we suppose you could say we just, uh… blew our wad… We’re still gonna put it on cassette sometime, though.

Besides “Cheat to win,” do you have any advice for the youth of today?

DA: Try everything once. …EVERYthing.

Aside from “Destroy all that is sacred and holy,” is there anything else you’d like to add? [Since the band neglected to provide any response to this particular question, the reader should operate under the assumption that the answer is “no.” —Ed.]

Listen here:

Buy the record here:!muscle-beach/i2c0l


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