Book Updates

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Release Party Information:

Saturday, March 11, 2017 at Syntax Physic Opera
The release of Placement of Character
Musical performances by:
Hangman’s Hymnal
Slim Cessna (solo performance)
Readings by:
Brian Polk
Charly “the city mouse” Fasano
DJ by:
Birdy Magazine’s
Jonny DeStefano
Christy Thacker


Orders start shipping:


Once again, buy them here:


Boxes arrive:


It’s always kind of fun to stare at a box full of the book you’ve made.


A copy of the proof:


A proof is physical copy of the book that serves as an example of what the finished product will look like. It’s my job to thoroughly peruse it to make sure there are no mistakes that slipped through the editing process. Once I approve the proof, the press will begin printing my order. I plan to spend a good three weeks with it before I approve the proof. You know, just to make sure.


Laying it out:


A listing of chapters/pages of my new novel, Placement of Character. It’s really happening! For some reason it’s necessary for me to write this out in order to make absolutely certain I didn’t make any mistakes (using the same chapter number twice, for example). Laying out the prose was another time-consuming part of the process of self-releasing a book.


Writing the book:


This is a rough screenshot from my iPhone. I tapped out the majority of this book on the “Docs” app. It was a vast departure from my first novel that I wrote entirely on my desktop computer. Writing on my phone was a great way to avoid having to make time at home. My phone went with me everywhere, so I was able to write no matter where I went. Even if it was a sentence or two as I took the lightrail, it allowed me to feel as though I was never wasting time in the seven months it took to finish. (Granted, I spent another seven months editing and revising it before I felt comfortable enough to think about releasing it.)

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