Native Daughters

Two Princes (Single from the new album on Sailor Records "Master Manipulator") cover art

Considering 93% of bands break up before releasing their second records,(1) Master Manipulator, the sophomore album from Denver-based Native Daughters, is in many respects a substantial feat. As the inspirational metal-oriented fucking rock group (2) has carved off a coalition of fans from indie, metal, punk, and every background in between, it has weathered the storms that usually decimate other purveyors of music. (3) Perhaps these gentlemen (4) owe their longevity as a group to their decade-plus stints in the Denver music scene (5) and have grown to understand what a pain in the ass it is to start a new band from scratch. Or maybe they’re just a bunch of lifers who do it because they have to. (6)  Either way, Denver’s pretty damn lucky to have an inspirational metal-oriented fucking rock group like Native Daughters who has released not just one, but two LPs of sweet fucking tunes. Recently, we spoke with guitarist Justin Hackl (7) about getting out aggression, not writing lyrics, and fucking kids these days.

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Muscle Beach: An Interview

“It’s the best possible new take on post hardcore with a splash of handsome men,” says Muscle Beach when prompted to describe the band’s new album in exactly fifteen words. It’s a bold, yet authentic declaration from the dashing young lads that comprise the rollicking Denver-based trio. The group’s self titled full length LP comes off the heels of the furious Pipe Dreams EP, expanding on a solid foundation of spastic time signatures, heavy riffage, and searing vocal delivery. During a recent snow storm, the members of Muscle Beach holed themselves in their band lair where they huddled around a glowing computer screen to answer some of our questions about the new record, who’d they eat on tour if they were forced to resort to cannibalism, and their advice to the youth of today (not the band, but actual young people).

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